Google 認定教育者レベル 1:認定書

Google Certified Educator Level 1 Exam Answers 2018


Mr. Yamouth Needs To Contact A Student’s Parents To Congratulate The Student On Improved Progress. However, Their First Language Is German And They Are Not Fully Fluent In English. What Is The Quickest Action He Could Do To Produce An Effective Email On His Own?

  • A. Post the message text on Google+ to see if someone can help translate it to German.
  • B. Use Gmail to send a message around the school to search for a student who can help translate the email to German.
  • C. Use Google Search to find someone local offering German translation services to help with the email.
  • D. Search the Chrome Web Store for the Google Translate extension for Chrome. Use the extension to provide a German version of the text within the email.



Students Already Familiar With A Web-Conneced World Will Feel Immediately At Home With Google Classroom. What Benefits Will They Enjoy From Their Assignments Going Online?

  • A. Students can discuss assignments in a collaborative environment.
  • B. Students can choose to have assignment results sent directly to their phone as a text message.
  • C. Students can view each other’s assignments if they need ideas.
  • D. If students are sick from school they can cancel pending assignments from home using the Cancel button.
  • E. Assignments and resources are kept organized in one place.
  • F. Students can see at a glance when assignments are due.

Answers:A, E, F


Mr. Perry Has Bookmarked A Large Number Of Webpages In Chrome While Researching Class Topics. Unfortunately, He’s Bookmarked So Many That He’s Struggling To Find Relevant Content Quickly. What Can He Do Within The Bookmark Manager Of Chrome To Simplify And Organize His List Of Bookmarks?

  • A. Delete bookmarks that are not urgently required and search for them again when they are needed.
  • B. Use the search function in the Chrome Bookmark Manager.
  • C. Rename and organize bookmarks into themed folders so they are labeled clearly.
  • D. Create a Doc that lists all favorite websites with links.
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